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Man To Man Basketball Set Plays


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A collection of 5 on 5, man to man set plays broken down into steps. Improve your overall basketball knowledge and learn tips and tricks about positioning, ball movement and basic principles of the game of basketball.

  • 1
    "23" Set Play vs. Person-to-Person Defense
  • 2
    (1-4) Set Play vs. Person-to-Person Defense (quick hitter)
  • 3
    Inbound Play (Box 1) vs. Person-to-Person Defense
  • 4
    Inbound Play (Box 2) vs. Person-to-Person Defense
  • 5
    Sideline Inbound vs. Person-to-Person (pick-the-picker)
  • 6
    Sideline inbound vs. Person-to-Person (Isolation Play)
  • 7
    Baseline Inbound vs. Person-to-Person (wing shot)
  • 8
    Baseline Inbound vs. Person-to-Person (Four Up)
  • 9
    How to Run The Flex Offense vs Person-to-Person Defense