Make an impact on basketball players around the world.

Create a basketball training course on Train and earn money while sharing your passion for the game you love.

Why coach on Train?

Earn Money

Earn money through monthly royalties based on the amount of minutes watched in your courses.

Inspire Players

Help players develop new skills and increase their love for the game by sharing your knowledge.

Build Your Community

Take advantage of our growing community to create great courses and expand your reach.

Train by Hoopdrillz is a basketball training platform that helps players improve their game by connecting them with premium courses created by expert coaches.

How it works


Join the waitlist

Sign up for our waitlist and we’ll reach out when we’re ready to start working with you.


Create your course

We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you create a premium course our players will love and you’ll be proud of.


Build Your Community

As one of the first premium coaches on the platform, you’ll be part of our initial launch of premium content.

Frequently asked questions

What is Train and are you live?

Train is a basketball training platform startup whose mission is to provide basketball players around the world access to great coaching and instruction. The first version of our platform is live at, and we’re now looking to partner with a select number of coaches to create our first batch of premium content.

Who can coach on Train?

Train coaches are basketball coaches and trainers, working with both pros and amateurs, who are excited to share their knowledge of the game. But really, as long as you adhere to our Course Guidelines, you can publish a course on Train. There is no cost to publishing a course.

Do you offer any resources for coaches?

Yes! We’ll work directly with any coaches or trainers to help them create premium content by assisting in planning their course, giving guidance on any tools they need, and providing them resources to put on any finishing touches.

Do I need to promote my courses?

Train operates on a membership model, so your course will have a built-in audience from the start. We’ll also provide you with a ton of tips to help you promote your course to your own community to help you maximize your success.

What should I coach?

Train courses are for coaches who want to share their knowledge of the game, and fall into a variety of topics including: shooting, ball handling, passing, individual defense, team defense, offense, conditioning,and more.

How can I earn money?

You’ll earn money through monthly royalties based on the amount of minutes watched in your courses plus a referral bonus for every player you refer to a Train Premium Membership.

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