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Daily Routines to Add to Your Workouts


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There’s always more you can do with your workout. And if not more, then better. Here are a series of offensive-minded skill training drills that you can add to your routine before or after practice. Included: dribbling, handling, shooting challenges and post workout stretching.

  • 1
    Daily Shooting Routine | 25 Make Scoring Challenge | Pro Training Basketball
  • 2
    How To: Improve Shooting Form | Daily 6 Minute Form Shooting Routine | Pro Training
  • 3
    How To: Improve Your Ball Handling - Daily 5 Minute Dribbling Routine - Pro Training
  • 4
    How To: Improve Your Ball Handling | Daily 4 Minute Two Ball Routine | Pro Training Basketball
  • 5
    How To: Finish At The Rim - Daily 3 Minute Layup Routine - Pro Training
  • 6
    Ultimate Scoring Workout | 1 Man Shooting Drill | Pro Training Basketball
  • 7
    Post Workout Stretch | Static Stretching Routine | Pro Training