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Shot Improvement Drills – Part 2


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Improve your shooting ability by practicing and understanding these fundamental training principles. Included in this course are ladder shooting, hop back shooting, lane side shooting, curl cuts and more, guaranteed to make a difference in your game.

  • 1
    Conditioning Shooting Drill: Basketball Shooting Drills by Yourself
  • 2
    Best Basketball Drills for Shooting | Ladder Shooting Drill (INCREASE RANGE)
  • 3
    Best Basketball Drills for Shooting | Bounce Up Drill
  • 4
    Best Basketball Shooting Drills | 180 Hop Shooting
  • 5
    Best Basketball Shooting Drills | Hop Back Shooting Drill
  • 6
    Lane Slide Shooting: Basketball Shooting Drills
  • 7
    Basketball Drills for Shooting | Double Up Perfect Form Shooting
  • 8
    Best Basketball Drills for Shooting | One Foot Balance Drill
  • 9
    Slider Shooting: Basketball Shooting Drills to Do by Yourself
  • 10
    Curl Cuts: Basketball Drills to Do by Yourself