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NBA Stars Signature Moves – Part 2


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Learn about the execution of some of the best and most devastating, ankle-breaking NBA stars offensive signature moves. Part 2 covers fadeaway jumpers, half-whirl shimmy, all sorts of step back moves, in-and-out crossovers and the stutter step.

  • 1
    Michael Jordan Fadeaway Jumper: NBA Basketball Moves
  • 2
    Michael Jordan Mini Shimmy Move (Half Whirl): Basketball Moves
  • 3
    Kyrie Irving VS. Brandon Knight Crossover Stepback Move: Basketball Moves
  • 4
    Chris Paul Step Back Move: Basketball Moves
  • 5
    Kevin Durant Step Back Move: Basketball Moves
  • 6
    Kevin Durant In and Out Move: Basketball Moves
  • 7
    Kevin Durant In and Out Move #2: Basketball Moves
  • 8
    Kevin Durant In and Out 1/2 Crossover: Basketball Moves (HD)
  • 9
    Derrick Rose Stutter Step Move: Basketball Moves
  • 10
    Derrick Rose Stutter Step Move #2: Basketball Moves