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Low Post Move Fundamentals


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Tom and the team from Shot Science Basketball take you through the low post fundamentals from how to post up, to moves and counter-moves you can use to leave your opponents guessing.

  • 1
    UP & UNDER Basketball Move! Low Post Tutorial -- Shot Science Basketball
  • 2
    JUMP HOOK Basketball Shot! Low Post Move Tutorial -- Shot Science Basketball
  • 3
    SIGNATURE SPIN MOVE (of Pau Gasol) -- Low Post Move from Shot Science
  • 4
    OWN the LOW POST! (Low Post Moves) -- Shot Science Basketball
  • 5
    KILLER Drop Step!!! (Low Post Move) -- Shot Science Basketball
  • 6
    Sealing in the Post (Like Shaq and Yao Ming) -- Shot Science Basketball -- Post Moves
  • 7
    HOW TO POST UP by FLASHING in the Post) --Shot Science Basketball
  • 8
    "SKY HOOK" Basketball Shot!! DEADLIEST Shot in Basketball -- Shot Science