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Advanced Crossover Drills


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Master the most effective way of getting past your defender, the crossover move. We go in depth on how to set your move up, how to “sell” it and how to make sure it’s always executed to your advantage. Devastating.

  • 1
    Russell Westbrook Top 3 Crossover Moves: Best Basketball Moves
  • 2
    How to: Russell Westbrook Crossover Moves | Basketball Moves that will Break Ankles
  • 3
    Bait Between the Legs Crossover: James Harden Signature Moves
  • 4
    4 CRAZY Simple Crossover Moves to Break Ankles EASILY | Basketball Ankle Breakers
  • 5
    How to Master The Perfect Crossover: Basketball Moves For Beginners
  • 6
    In and Out Crossover Move (BREAK ANKLES): World's Best Basketball Moves
  • 7
    How To Crossover: Basketball Moves For Beginners
  • 8
    Monta Ellis Hop Shuffle Crossover: NBA Basketball Moves